About Us

The Vie Belles Story

We are a Canadian company that designs and creates premium kitchenware, cookware, and cutlery. We love to combine cutting-edge technology with design principles anchored in ancient Eastern cultures. Since May 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to producing fine cooking tools that combine the highest levels of excellence whilst providing stellar functionality. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value to professionals and cooking enthusiasts around the world by offering high-quality products that are durable and will last for generations.

Our team of passionate designers, chefs, and technicians bring creativity, innovation, and excitement to the industry through our products. We’re committed to producing both quality and craftsmanship for professional and everyday household use.

Who We Are

At Vie Belles, our core strength is our team of dedicated staff. Combining experience in multiple cultures and various industries, we work hard to provide innovative solutions for kitchens of all sizes, throughout the world.

We are devoted to the design, production, and distribution of cutlery, cookware, and kitchenware. We work assiduously to ensure that the items we produce are not only innovative, but also safe, reliable, and meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and dedication to craftsmanship enables us to design and produce all the luxurious kitchen tools that our clients have come to expect -- from the classically elegant to the refreshingly modern, with great finesse.

Our design philosophy revolves around improving our products with a blend of continuous development and ambitious changes that create highly innovative, functional, and exciting products that will exceed your culinary needs.

Vie Belles has always been customer-oriented. It’s part of our core identity. Our design philosophy is guided by listening to our customers, and then producing what they will find more useful, both in functionality and aesthetic excellence. We let our love and respect for our clients guide us. As a result, we have remained genuinely committed to providing our customers with luxurious products that will never go out of style.

With Vie Belles, you can be rest assured of partnering with an organization that never compromises on the quality of its craftsmanship or design. This devotion is clearly seen in our products and in the choice of our materials; we use only the highest quality of materials to build world-class products that enable our community to cook with confidence. Vie Belles delivers beautiful products, so you can enjoy a beautiful life.

Vie Belles also offers Direct to Consumer options, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy our quality products at a reasonable price. When you order directly from us, we can offer premium cutlery, dinnerware, and cookware at a cost which avoids the traditional wholesale - or retail - markup.

Our products are crafted from top-quality components. With Vie Belles you not only get the premium quality top grade kitchenware but also highly affordable prices.

Our premium-quality cookware, dinnerware, and cutlery are waiting to be discovered!

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